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Our vision is Appalachia unlocking its full potential, power and purpose.

Refresh Appalachia was founded in 2015 as an agriculture-focused enterprise of Coalfield Development Corporation. Like all the social enterprises of Coalfield, we aim to operate like a business but also to provide services in ways and places that aren’t being being served by the private sector. We work to build our own thriving food and farm businesses, but also to strengthen other farmers throughout the region. We provide training, market access, and distribution services for farmers. We strive to make healthy food more accessible in our communities by creating new market outlets that serve low- and middle-income people.

We measure our success by the “triple bottom line”: people, planet and profit. And because we are a nonprofit, all our earnings cycle back into supporting our crew members and serving our communities. Our crews, our farms and our food hub all play an integral role in advancing our “triple bottom line” objectives.



Individuals in our workforce development program follow our 33-6-3 model. For 33 hours a week they learn production, marketing and business skills by working at our farms. They also spend 6 hours a week taking community college classes and 3 hours working on life skills such as financial management, parenting, and healthy cooking. Work hours count towards college credit, and after 2-2.5 years in the program, participants graduate with an Associate’s Degree. Meet our crews


With the help of our crew members, we operate farms in Mingo and Wayne Counties. Thanks to our high tunnel greenhouses, heated hydroponic and aquaponic greenhouses, and climate-controlled microgreens room, our crews can grow food year-round. We use organic farming practices and are proud to be good stewards of the land. More about our farms and services


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Rebuilding the Appalachian economy from the ground up.