What is a Farm Share?

Farm Share Subscription Program

The Food Hub's Farm share program is very similar to a  CSA subscription, which has become a popular way to allow customers to pre-purchase local farm products for the spring, summer, and fall season. The program works by purchasing a farm share subscription up front, and in return, the Food Hub works with farmers to provide a weekly box of the best local goodies available! Members will receive a variety of products each week, allowing them to experience many different locally sourced foods throughout the season.



Share Options

Fruit and Vegetables

The 2018 Spring Farm Share season operates a 10-week delivery cycle, starting April 12 and lasting until June 14. The cost for the fruit and vegetable share is $225.  Each week the customer will be provided a weekly package of four products, which is appropriate for a one to a two-person household.

Meat and Egg

Customers can add on a meat and egg package to their weekly fruit and vegetable delivery.  The additional cost of the meat and egg share is $150. The addition Includes a weekly package of one meat product (beef, chicken, or pork)  and one dozen eggs.

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Farm Share Pickup Locations

Each week our Food Hub team will deliver the packages to one of five convenient locations.  Depending on where you live, our Farm Share drop off points include the following locations and pick-up times. When you sign up, please select your preferred drop off location.

  • Huntington, WV (The Wild Ramp) Thursday: 12:00 - 6 pm and Friday: 9am-12pm
  • Catlettsburg, KY (Marathon Petroleum Refinery) Thursday: 3:00 - 4 pm
  • Lewisburg, WV (Swift Level Fine Meats) Wednesday and Thursday 12:00 - 6:00 pm
  • Union, WV (Monroe County Board of Education) Wednesday 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Talcott, WV (Sprouting Farms) Wednesday and Thursday 12:00 - 5:00 pm
As a gift to our environment, we ask customers to bring a bag to pack farm share items.
Frequently Asked Questions from Our Customers

When you subscribe to the Farm Share Subscription Program, you get a weekly box of healthy local produce, eggs and other foods delivered to a convenient location near you. Because each box is filled with a share of whatever is in season at local farms, we call it a “farm share.” Compared to shopping at a grocery store, farm share subscriptions are:

  • More Convenient: Shares are delivered to a place that you already visit as part of your weekly routine, like your workplace, church or residential community. You save shopping and travel time.
  • Healthier: Each week’s share includes at least five fresh produce items. It’s great motivation to cook more vegetables and experiment with new healthy recipes.
  • Fresher & Tastier: Most of our produce is picked within 48 hours of delivery. So, it’s super-fresh and chock full of nutrients.
  • Better for your community: E verything in the “shares” comes from our network of local producers in West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. Some items are grown by our job training program for disadvantaged young people and displaced coal miners. Others are from farmers in the region. Your purchase helps create a better economic future for our communities.

Customers are given the ability to request ONE vacation day and receive a refund for that week's share. Vacation request must be submitted one week prior to delivery.

A single package is designed to feed 1-2 people. If you have a large family or consume large amounts of fruits and veggies, consider purchasing 2 or more farm shares.

Customers can pay the one-time cost of a subscription and be eligible for a gift certificate drawing this summer or can pay in 5 installments over the course of the 10-week subscription. *A service fee of $5 will be applied to the total cost of your package.*

Many people who have a backyard garden, also participate in the farm share program since the farm share includes many products not normally grown in most gardens like strawberries, blueberries, peaches, plums, watermelon, cantaloupe, cherries, lettuce, etc.  Also farm share veggies are likely to be ready before your veggies since many of our products are grown in high tunnels, thus giving you the ability to enjoy veggies over a longer period of time.

Farm shares are based on what is in season and ready for harvest each week so members do not choose what goes in the shares. However, we often provide a “swap box” with additional products in case members wish to trade an item from the farm share for an item in the “swap box”.

Farm share members often purchase additional products from the retail market and we encourage this. Products purchased from the retail market can be delivered with your farm share. (This is only available for customers picking up in Lewisburg, Talcott and Union -- be on the look out for opportunities around Huntington to sell/purchase these retail products soon!)

Many products in your farm share are organic or non-certified organic. However, not all the products are organic. We can assure members that our producers employ as many organic practices as much as possible. Our families enjoy the same products as the farm shares.

We are happy to add new pick up sites to our delivery route if enough people are ready to sign up. Email Jennifer at sales@greenbriervalleygrown.org or call 304-646-3784.