Our Crews and Staff

Patrick Bradshaw
Patrick Bradshaw, Crew Leader/Green Hat

West Edge (Huntington) Farm

Patrick was born in Charleston and currently lives in Huntington. Married to Angela Carter and has a son Tyler and two step children Tanner and Cassidy and soon to be a step grandfather. I love football (Pittsburgh Steelers) and love rock music. I enjoy reading about anything that will make me think outside of the norm. I like to work and spend time with my family.

Joab Dellinger
Joab Dellinger, Sales & Distribution Manager

Contact Joab at jdellinger@refreshappalachia.com

Joab was born and raised in Pekin, Illinois. He spent summers in corn fields detassling corn and spending time on his Great Uncle's farms. After delaying college athletics in favor of jumping out of perfectly good airplanes while apart of the 82nd Airborne Division in the US Army he decided to come to West Virginia and graduated from Marshall University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. Joab lives in Huntington, WV with his beautiful wife Ashley and his two Sons Max and Myles. He is a rabid Marshall University Thundering Herd supporter and Chicago Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, and Cubs fan. After graduation, Joab worked in a variety of fields including Developmental Disability field as a certified Behavior Support Professional, financial planning, sales, and after some time with the US Postal Service. His responsibilities as the Sales & Distribution Manager, include expansion of customer base, customer service, sales, tracking inventory of produce, meat, dairy, and other products sold through Refresh Appalachia, and making sure that deliveries occur in an efficient and timely manner each week. Joab also helps coordinate pickup and drop off of Farm Subscription Programs. Joab's greatest hope for the future is that kids and even adults have a better understanding that our food that we eat everyday wouldn't be possible without farming and those that devote countless hours each and every day of the week into making that food available for you to eat.

Adam Hudson
Adam Hudson, Director

Contact Adam at ahudson@refreshappalachia.com

Adam grew up on a small farm in Wayne County, West Virginia, where he worked alongside his grandfather in the garden and the Greenhouses. After graduating high school, Adam moved to Berea, Kentucky. There he earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Agriculture and Natural Resources from Berea College. During that time, he worked on the college farm with multiple livestock enterprises and specialized in Pastured Poultry Production. When not working he enjoys playing music, getting outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.

Tim Wiley
Tim Wiley, Crew Chief

West Edge (Huntington) Farm

Contact Tim at  twiley@refreshappalachia.com

Tim actually travels across the river from his family farm in Rush Kentucky, where he’s operated several High Tunnels, large scale organic gardening, and some livestock operations.

Having grown up in a military family, they always lived “out-of-town”, but would invariably have gardens and animals to tend to. Tim always considered himself a “nature boy” and had interests in wild edibles, conservation and anything outdoors long before it was the cool and hip thing that it has become today.

After his own stint in the Military, and 20 years in the IT industry, serving colleges, universities, and the court systems, he returned home to his roots to once again sink his feet and hands into the soil. He started with Coalfield and Refresh Appalachia in January of 2016. His interest is to build up the facilities, and methods that young people can learn and utilize to “Work smarter, not harder”, and to share the joys and rewards that raising healthy local foods can bring to communities and individuals.

Bethany Lewis

Bethany Lewis Agriculture Coordinator

She has returned from her service in the Peace Corps, from 2010-2012 in West Africa as an Environmental Extension Agent, to her home state of West Virginia. She received her Masters degree from Future Generations University in Applied Community Change and has worked as a Volunteer Coordinator and in Family and Social Services in previous positions. Her mission is to support in the social and economic development of Central Appalachia.

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